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You now have the right to own your health data. It's the law. Get better insight about your health, save lives, and be rewarded for it.


We don't want to scare you but

Having your complete health profile available to your doctor will probably save your life. 40% of all adults over 35 already have some chronic illness. Even worse, your doctor doesn't know what you don't tell them.

  • We connect your wearable information with your lab results and other key metrics and compare them to the highest and current standard of medical science
  • Then we tell you what it all means, and what real doctors have to say about all these crazy numbers
  • Even better, we do it all anonymously. Thanks to web3 technology, nobody knows who you are. Not even us.
  • Oh yeah, and you'll be rewarded for staying current on your health journey. Earn Lab Token, NFTs, cool stuff for sharing your health journey with us.
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Our Services

Billions of patient-accessible lab results contain a vast wealth of data and
opportunities around improving health literacy engaging patients and
gaining insights. Unfortunately, the cryptic nature of the data translates
into the loss of most of these opportunities.

Decipher Your Lab Results

Easylabs helps transform conventional and cryptic lab reports into simple and actionable insights. We empower you with smart information that will improve your understanding of your own health and offer specific steps that can be effectively implemented in a busy world. Taking on the lead role in your own health journey has never been so easy!

Optimal Telemedicine Engagement

telemedicine exploded in the wake of Covid and as can be expected, building relationships with patients is exceedingly challenging in remote settings. While the choice for patients has vastly expanded, patients' ability to select services that will serve them best is lagging far behind. Easylabs is here to serve this patient need and enable providers to engage.

Expert Interpretations

Easylabs was developed by proven medical experts based on the most current and relevant medical literature on laboratory biomarker data. Your lab results contain a wealth of information that we can help unpack through a variety of different medical angles. Take a look through our report options to see which interpretations best apply to you.


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