Health Care Costs

The status quo for healthcare is not enough: Something more must be done to reverse this trend and save healthcare dollars – and more importantly, save people’s lives. Improved clinical tools are needed to identify patients with a predisposition to CVD who can benefit from timely, preventative intervention.

  • Avoiding DIABETES can save an average of $7,900 in healthcare per individual, yearly.
  • Avoiding HEART DISEASE can save an average of $5,693 in healthcare costs per individual, yearly.
  • For related complications like kidney failure, the cost of dialysis for one year is $75,000
  • Heart complication procedures run upward of $60,000
  • The total cost incurred by cardiovascular disease and stroke in this country was most recently estimated at an astounding $259.1 billion for one year.
  • Roughly 70% of all healthcare decisions that are made by physicians are due to proper laboratory testing.

Laboratory testing represents just 5% of a health system’s cost, but it can influence the other 95% of dollars spent.

Estimate from the Milken Institute report: An Unhealthy America: The Economic Impact of Chronic Disease,