Plug and play Software solution generate revenue from day 1 as it can transform a traditional lab into one that is sought after by both physicians and patients. Physicians receive a clinically relevant lab report quickly and efficiently. Patients receive actionable reports that improve their state of health and keep them engaged in a wellness program. Free results interpretations for labs


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Healthcare professionals know there is a powerful link between patient outcomes and how they live their lives: what they eat, how much they move, how well they sleep, how they cope with stress, how well they follow treatment recommendations and the strength of their support network.

These factors are often beyond the doctor’s control. A physician can offer their best general advice for supporting treatment-diet, exercise, sleep, relax- but at the end of the day it is up to the patient to stay committed to practicing self-care. provides patients with the extended support and education they need to make lasting changes. We provide a robust library of content through the patient portal that can help educate patients to make wise decisions and stay motivated on the path to wellness. When combined with physician recommended treatments risk reduction is maximized that helps diagnostics results shifting from RED to GREEN on repeat testing.

Simply ask your doctor to use one of our partner laboratories or manually enter the results you have for a free detailed report in seconds. No registration of any identifying information needed.


We offer the ability to generate a report that reads in your medical language and a supplemental report to share with your patients which reads in a manner that you wish to communicate!
Free results interpretations for physicians

Create fast, lasting improvement

Declining fatigue, decreased pain, disappearing waistlines, improved sense of well-being and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes…These are some of the many benefits our patients report thanks to comprehensive diagnostics paired to personalized wellness programs.

Doctors, introduce your patient to the advantages of assured diagnosis. The earlier you know, the earlier you can implement risk reduction treatment strategies. It’s never too late to introduce healthcare prevention strategies in your patient population. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Supplementing Observable Clues

Even the most experienced physician knows the human body holds mysteries. Careful doctors are experts at deciphering the body’s subtle clues and signals. But, there are many conditions that just can’t be decoded without a little extra help.

That’s where we come in. At we have the diagnostic tools to explore the un-seeable and produce the final pieces of the diagnostic puzzle. offers clinical insights through a broad spectrum of biomarkers that allows for:

  • Prediction of future disease
  • Effective monitoring of therapy
  • Effective management of chronic disease progression
  • Facilitate earlier diagnosis

We’re here to help doctors produce precise, actionable diagnoses.

Our blood analysis reports compliment your clinical care. We provide data-backed details to build on what you’ve already learned in the exam room. We’re an extra set of eyes and ears to help you confirm what you already believe, or can’t quite articulate.

Prevention as Cure?

Preventative medicine is quickly becoming a high-profile treatment approach. Prevention is stealing the spotlight because experts and patients alike are realizing its power in promoting longevity and quality of life. Disease prevention is the key to reversing the growing trend of chronic illnesses plaguing our nation.

Find the Root Cause of Symptoms

With our comprehensive blood panels, provides diagnostic insight to empower clinicians to achieve better patient outcomes with a sharply defined course of action.

We help you make sense of your patient’s symptoms, conditions and risk factors. Our diagnostic analysis can help you determine what’s causing high blood pressure, chronic pain, unusual autoimmune responses or disorders. We give you the metrics you need to support a confident diagnosis and offer comparisons against your patients’ previous results to track progress or decline.

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What You Need to Have for Advanced Interpretations


All you need is your current lab results copy or, the results file to upload

What You Want to Have for Optimal Interpretations


Your height and wight (BMI), blood pressure and a list of your medicines


Family Medical History


Your Medical History

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