How it Works

A blood pressure cuff can tell your doctor if your blood pressure is high. Our blood profiles can paint a picture of what is causing that spike – if it’s high cholesterol, plaque in your arteries, or maybe it’s chronic pain causing a stress response in your body.

Our analysis considers hundreds of different clues in your blood. And because of the unique way we group our tests, we’re able to catch warning signs that run-of-the-mill traditional blood tests can’t. We also provide better education and simple, actionable next steps to improve your health.

Ask your Doctor to order the tests relevant to your complaint. Access your results online or wait for a copy from your Doctor. Feed the results in to our free platform ensuring accuracy and click on View Report. You will immediately receive a report detailing the results, where they are positioned on the spectrum of desired health and a wealth of details about the meaning and available treatments based on your age, sex, BMI and other information you may have provided when initially entering the results.

Our next phase will include the ability for patients to upload a file provided by the labs and choose from a variety of interpretation put together by experts in various disciplines such as reproductive health, obesity related conditions, aging and even bio-hacking.