Helping people defer disease

Chronic illnesses and diseases cause a significant strain on our economic and social well-being as it reduces the quality and quantity of life for those suffering from it. Chronic illness takes its toll on millions of North Americans each year. offers state-of-the-art interpretations and easy-to-understand reporting to help you and your doctor discover hidden risk and implement treatment strategies before it requires major intervention or is irreversible.

There is a key component of lab reporting that is often ignored due to the stain on the system and the lack of urgency which is often driver for care in our healthcare system. That key is the normal portion of the range that is well out of the optimal and is inching ever closer to abnormal. 

You see, the point at which your Dr will call you is most often when you fall into the abnormal range. It is here that you may hear things such as acute, chronic, disease and so on. However, we can predict disease years before symptoms appear and chronic illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other degenerative conditions show their mark all over your lab results. 

At we aim to provide patients with better education, driving small changes in their nutrition and lifestyle which will in turn have a major impact on the quality and longevity of their health, with little to no cost.