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By virtue of its remote nature, telemedicine firms are challenged to differentiate themselves, acquire new patients, maintain ongoing engagement and monetize their related offerings. Considering that lab tests are a remote doctor’s best tool, Easylabs addresses these challenges and more.

  • Easylabs provides you with the opportunity to have more meaningful patient interactions. Our reports allow you to share a written reference that includes your own branding while enabling you to customize the content to fit your style and expertise. All of this means stronger health outcomes for your patients.
  • We help you minimize appointment time spent on reiteration of generic or non-critical lab results. With early access to our report, patient arrive informed, which helps set the ground for a more focused discussion. The report can also be provided during the appointment as a written reference for the patient’s benefit.
  • Our platform helps strengthen your referral network by providing subspecialty-level interpretations – this means you have a quick reference guide for addressing tests outside your area of expertise, referring to others (and having other refer to you) when needed.
Laboratories and Providers

The laboratories that we work with include small and large sites that provide general or specialized testing services to patient.

  • Our platform easily integrates with your infrastructure, allowing your customers to access a detailed report without the cost and time involved in modernizing your laboratory information system (LIS).
  • Easylabs allows you to increase market outreach as we enable you to incorporate your own branding onto each report, allowing for complete customization, including report content that encourages additional testing where appropriate.
  • Increase cooperation with healthcare professionals in your area by taking advantage of the variety of different subspecialty interpretations that are curated by specialists in fields such as sports medicine, women’s health, anti-aging, oncology and more.
Doctors and clinics

Our Conventional Medicine partners include medical doctors and physicians, as well as doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O) in clinics and hospitals.
Our Integrative Medicine partners include naturopaths, clinical nutritional and many other members of the functional and integrative medicine community.

  • Easylabs provides you with access to comprehensive lab interpretations created by credentialled, experienced practitioners
  • Our platform empowers you by generating reports familiar to you from conventional medicine, but with uniquely curated content from the specific healthcare discipline relevant to you, all while following principles and practice modalities from that discipline . Our reports drastically reduce the time and resources needed to assess results and compile a document for a patient.
  • Finally, we tailor the report to your patient and their treatment protocol and stamp it with your personal clinic branding to keep the patient engaged. This means you could also tailor the content to fit your experience and, for example, highlight the importance of certain supplementary products.
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