Standard Medical Interpretation


Made for anyone looking to obtain a general understanding of their blood work. The focus here is education on what can your result range mean. We aim to provide an understandable, relatable, and reliable content, that will help you decipher the meaning behind those numbers.

What you get is our Conventional Medicine Interpretation provides you with a large number of tests, spanning complete blood count, chemistry, hormones, vitamins and more.

Prepared by a team of experienced physicians who share the vision of democratizing healthcare knowledge and have a passion for preventive care.

This interpretation is under development but available as a demo.  To coordinate a demo upon request or to be alerted when this product is available please contact us.

Easylabs platform also offers, on a separate domain, an angle at your labs that is based on an alternative medicine approach, curated independently by naturopathic doctors. To try out a live active demo that addresses your labs from an alternative perspective click here.