Preconception Interpretation


Made for : anyone looking to obtain a general understanding of their blood work through the lens of a fertility specialist and with a focus of preparing your body for this magical journey in the healthiest and most natural way science has shown to be effective and based on the latest research.

What you get : our Preconception Interpretation provides you with a large number of common tests but also includes tests specifically used by experts in the field to gain insights into the world of optimal fertility health.

Prepared by : Our team of medical specialists led by an Integrative Medicine fertility specialist. Further details to be made available upon the release of this product.

This interpretation is under development but you can get a personalized free report by clicking below. Our demo offering is the Naturopathic perspective. It is detailed, customized and is designed to provide conventional medicine value supplemented by the latest research from the integrative medicine perspective. For other demos or to be alerted when this product is available please contact us.