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Naturopathic medicine Interpretation

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease while also teaching the principles of healthy living and preventive medicine. Naturopathic medicine recognizes the innate intelligence of the human body and works in conjunction with that wisdom to heal and grow. A Naturopathic Doctor is most definitely one healthcare professional you want on your medical team.

Pain management Interpretation

Pain, both chronic and acute, impacts a large portion of the global population. Managing and understanding the origin of discomfort and how it affects other parts of the body is incredibly critical to overall health and success. Certain markers in the blood can help give a much clearer picture of what next steps to take and in some cases, how to eradicate the pain altogether.

Biohacking Interpretation

Understanding human biology is one thing, but understanding your personal biology is another. Our bodies gives us messages everyday and by tuning into those messages, we can identify how to efficiently optimize our biological makeup. When we incorporate our biochemistry into the mix, we can create shortcuts through modifying our everyday habits in order to do so. Biohacking is about small incremental changes that you can make in your own life to create big change now and in the future - whether it’s to optimize your current workouts, become razor sharp mentally at work, fine-tune your sleep or reduce overall stress - biohacking is the future.

Orthomolecular Interpretation

When imbalances exist in the human body, it will adapt in order to make up for those deficiencies. This can lead to disease if that adaptation is not sustainable or impacts other important systems in the body. When assessing blood work, those deficiencies, even when slightly low, can have a trickle down effect that can create long-term health issues. By correcting deficiencies through targeted nutritional supplementation, your current and future health will benefit.

Anti Aging Interpretation

When we discuss aging, it often feels inevitable. But with innovative testing and new understanding of recognized tests, that may not be the case. Our biochemistry will reflect back us not only our state of health, but our biological age. Each cell in the body regenerates but the choices we make for our health will determine how quickly that process happens, and in some cases, if that process happens at all. By understanding where you are, you can get a clear picture of where you want and need to be - so whether you’re wanting to improve the appearance of your skin, the functioning of your memory or your overall energy, it’s important to understand your blood test results through this lens.

Clinical Nutritionist / Dietitian Interpretation

Nutrition is arguably the foundation and origin of all health and subsequent states of dis-ease. Nutrition is one aspect of our health that is not only available and accessible for most people to modify and improve upon, but it is an extremely effective form of treatment in and of itself. From a nutritional standpoint, bloodwork provides valuable insight into one’s health & well-being, and links the food we eat with our biochemistry.

Mental Health Interpretation

Mental health is now a well recognized pillar of our overall health & well-being. What was once considered a dysregulation of thoughts or issues solely “in our head” is now acknowledged to be impactful to all other systems in the body, and at the centre of a plethora of physical ailments. Our physiology, biology and biochemistry will impact our mental health as our body and systems are in constant communication. Therefore, understanding bloodwork can give us insight into our mental health status and how to best support our mind & emotions by assessing your bloodwork through this lens.

Preconception Interpretation

Looking to start a family? Understanding how each substance in the body impacts its ability to conceive a child (for both women & men) will give you that much more information to make the appropriate modifications needed to increase your chance of success. As a woman, the body undergoes a lot of stress from start to finish so getting a healthy baseline from the outset will provide both understanding and guidance for each step of the way.

Sports medicine Interpretation

For active bodies and those who participate in competitive sports, understanding your biochemistry can give you that extra edge over your competitors, even if your number one nemesis is your own last result. Your bloodwork gives you insight into how to leverage, improve and optimize your performance.