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How we assist doctors

Doctors may leverage this tool in the following ways;


Those who can not promote products and services may use this tool to validate and supplement their knowledge. Alternative interpretations from reputable sources can be used for physician education and keeping on top of cutting edge research reflected in many of the interpretations being developed.


In addition, any medical practitioner may produce a report that could be shared with the patient for optimal patient retention of physician provided information and improved compliance with prescribed treatment. Patients feedback on getting detailed reading material specific to their results is off the charts!


On-boarding new staff to your clinic has never been easier. Every practitioner in the clinic will have access to the format interpretation designed by the clinic to ensure streamlined messaging or to help staff follow protocols designed by senior practitioners.


Alternative medicine Doctors and those outside of Canada who are able to promote products and services can do so right on the report. Therapies, supplements and even medications can be identified and discussed in the body of the report within the relevant area of the results interpretations. This may very well be the best such tool to grow your practice while educating your patients and promoting preventive care.


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