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Getting paid to get healthy

The first platform for managing your health data, understanding it, taking action and getting paid for improving your health.

With Easylabs, health is on the way!


We make health data make sense and we start with labs

The best place to start your health journey is in understanding your lab results. This data is easy for you to get and easy for us to help you understand. Easylabs converts cryptic lab results into patient-centric, educational health reports that improve literacy, patient-doctor communications, reduce anxiety and promote prevention. For providers, we are the optimal patient engagement tool.

  • Essentially all commonly performed lab results contain relevant and indicative insights.
  • It is almost impossible to understand the results without the help of a physician.
  • Asynchronous healthcare can be a health report that empowers patients and offers a live platform for providers and patients to engage on.

Our Services

It starts with understanding your lab data but quickly you will recognize the value in exploring your wearable data and insights found in the apps that help you manage your health. From your nutrition, to physical activity to monthly cycle tracking to your meditation app that collects data about your anxiety. The magic happens when we bring them all together. Truly understanding your health profile, building a data set that can become your digital twin and eventually choosing to monetize this data so you can afford to live a longer and healthyier life.

Easily collect your data

Education interpretations and inforgraphics of your data

Employing tokenomics to incentivize your continued health journey

Optimally securing your data in preparation for potential monetization

Enabling you to donate, trade and monetize your data

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Have your existing lab results

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Anonymously enter or upload your lab results

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Generate a report that details your results

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Connect your crypto wallet for a secure future login and to receive your rewards

Decipher Your Lab Results

Easylabs helps transform conventional and cryptic lab reports into simple and actionable insights. We empower you with smart information that will improve your understanding of your own health and offer specific steps that can be effectively implemented in a busy world. Taking on the lead role in your own health journey has never been so easy!

Optimal Telemedicine Engagement

telemedicine exploded in the wake of Covid and as can be expected, building relationships with patients is exceedingly challenging in remote settings. While the choice for patients has vastly expanded, patients' ability to select services that will serve them best is lagging far behind. Easylabs is here to serve this patient need and enable providers to engage.

Expert Interpretations

Easylabs was developed by proven medical experts based on the most current and relevant medical literature on laboratory biomarker data. Your lab results contain a wealth of information that we can help unpack through a variety of different medical angles. Take a look through our report options to see which interpretations best apply to you.


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We are here to answer any questions you may have about our services. Please reach out to us by calling the number at the top or Write to us: info at easylab dot org