About Us

A strategic game plan for treating patients

Easylabs.org specializes in interpretations of medical laboratories testing, analytics and support solutions. Our unique approach to health information provides a comprehensive, accurate and meaningful window into the patients’ health which allows healthcare providers to achieve better clinical outcomes.

We are passionate about helping healthcare providers identify and reverse disease risk in their patients. Together, through early detection and personalized treatment strategies, we can help improve patient health and wellness, and reduce the growing number of deaths and disability in adults due to chronic diseases.

Mission, Vision and Values

Transform the way medicine is practiced through proactive prevention

To reverse the epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, and related chronic conditions by empowering patients through a more intimate understanding of their health and providing health practitioners the tools to promote this deeper knowledge

Education, Empowerment, Passion, Simplicity, Results Driven

Our Board

Easylabs.org collaborates with an extensive group of clinicians, scientists and business professionals to provide insight, direction and expertise to ensure our continued growth as a leader in healthcare management.

Jana Tuhman, Medical Advisory Director

Jana Tuhman, M.S biochemistry & M.S biophysics. We are delighted to have Jana join our advisory board. With her expertise in evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching, Jana is the ideal resource to provide guidance and a scientific approach to preventative health.

Dr. Lohr, Co-Founder & CMO

Yaron Lohr, DC, CFSA, is both a specialist and an innovator in Chiropractic, Alternative Pain Management, Rehabilitation, and Functional Medicine. As a pioneer in Chiropractic Medicine, he founded Posture Perfect Wellness Center in 2006 to provide a comprehensive, synergistic approach to care for people in and around Dallas. As a Surgical First Assistant, Dr. Lohr assists Physicians and Surgeons with cases in the fields of Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Neurosurgery and Functional Medicine. 

Tom Petersil, Co-Founder and CEO

Tom Petersil has spent over 15 years with IBM and is bringing innovative approach to the idea of streamlining the processes and leveraging simple technologies  to solve complex problems in the Canadian Healthcare market.

Jamie Mason Cohen, Chief Evangelist Officer

Jamie Mason Cohen is a corporate strategist and graphotherapist, whose TEDx talk in Luxembourg, How to Spot a Leader in Their Handwriting, has been viewed over 2 million times. As a regular media commentator on CNN, and CTV’s The Morning Show, Jamie speaks on topics ranging from leadership to parenting to handwriting analysis. His unusual ability of pinpointing a person’s strengths and blindspots in 30 seconds through their handwriting has been called “impressive and a frightening” by Forbes, “the power of a superhero” by TEDx and “the personality x-ray machine” by the Canadian media. Jamie’s work takes him across North America and beyond working with leaders in organizations across a wide range of businesses.

What Sets Us Apart?


Multiple perspectives from multiple medical fields and specializations


Extensive test menu options include routine and advanced tests for nutrition, metabolism, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune, inflammation and hormones


Precise, detailed, accurate and personalized reporting


Lightning-fast turnaround for lab integration and clinics on-boarding


Our services is easy to implement at your practice


State-of-the art dashboard reporting offering comprehensive results in an easy-to-read format for both patients and doctors


Green, yellow, red dashboard for instant classification and risk assessment


Clinical data combined with results to provide comprehensive risk assessments


Ongoing innovation to continuously expand and improve testing offered


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